Wednesday, May 24 Annual Dinner 6pm to 10pm - Atmo Zakes and Jim Katz - Bois-de-la-Roche: 30 years in the farmer's house

Atmo and Jim have now lived for over 30 years in the natural stone house that was once the farm manager's house at Bois-de-la-Roche. Right next to the house are a number of Edward Maxwell designed barns that have unfortunately fallen in disrepair. The farm managers house is 292 Senneville Road. Atmo and Jim shared some of their memories with us.

[292-senneville-rd] [292-senneville-rd] [painting of 292-senneville-rd]
Painting of 292 Senneville Road by Atmo Zakes

The slide deck from Jim's and Atmo's presentation:

Atmo's art work

Atmo is a well known artist and she sells besides her original paintings also postcards of featuring a number of local landmarks. If you are interested to buy one of those cards then contact Atmo at

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More information about Atmo Zakes:

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